Pearl Culture

  1. March 07, 2019

    The difference between Chinese South pearl and South sea pearl

    South pearl is the queen of sea pearls in China, which is produced by pinctada martensil .We usually call it Hepu pearl, internationally is called "Akoya pearl". pinctada martensil originates from the south China sea. In the middle of last century, the Japanese came to China to cultivate pearls. After years of practice, they finally invented the nuclear insertion technology of seawater pearls. At that time, the wild mussel of Beihai Guangxi was introduced to Japan and bred. Therefore, the Japanese AKOYA pearl is the same variety as the Chinese South pearl. However, since Japan was earlier than China in terms of internationalization, this pearl is known as AKOYA PEARL abroad. South pearl is famous all over the world in the ancient time , while South sea pearl is known as "the queen of pearls”.


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  2. March 06, 2019

    The Travel Guide For Beihai Saltwater Pearl

    Beihai - the origin of seawater pearls,where will create countless surprises waiting for you. first of all, we Topearl Jewelry prepare to open pearl oyster by your own and experience the joy of live broadcasting. You maybe the next online celebrity! What a wonderful thing let you personally experience the opening oyster and take pearls out. You also can try making them into finished products by your own DIY !  Due to Beihai is rich in pearls, you can see the cultivation and nucleation of pearls, as well as the processing process of pearls. Besides, there are many beaches in the Beihai,you can enjoy surfing and yacht swimming or fishing here.Silver Beach is beautiful, you can also walk on the beach with friends or family. You can enjoy red wine with your lover on the beach, sit at sunrise and sunset, and enjoy the moon at Guantouling one only mountain in Beihai. Laughing at the sunset, smelling the flowers, tasting a bottle of good red wine, accompanying with lover. The moon

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  3. March 02, 2019

    King of the South Pearl --The largest south sea pearl from China

     Hepu, a famous place linking with the old legend “Hepu Zhu Huan”, can be easily found in the map of China .Lying in the southern part of Guangxi and beside the northeast coast of Gulf of Tonkin .Hepu Beihai now belongs to the 14 opened seaside cities of China . So South pearls of Hepu also called Hepu pearls.Hepu pearls are famous for their high quality and beautiful colors.

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  4. March 02, 2019

    The Empress Dowager Cixi And The Pearl

      If there is one person who owns the most pearls in the history of pearls,it is the empress dowager cixi of China.

    It is said that she had a serious illness ,then she got a magic pearl ,she held it in her hand all the time,after a few days ,she was cured. From then on she was infatuated with pearls .When it comes to national affairs, she always held a large pearl in her hand to help her calm down and make decisions.Also she died with a luminous pearl in her mouth,which keep her body from decay.And it has became a legend .


       So how many pearls does empress dowager cixi own? I ‘m afraid no one can tell the exact number.She wore pearls from head to foot, in her bedroom ,pearls were everywhere :A p

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  5. March 01, 2019

    This is a beautiful legend about pearls—Pearls Returning Hepu

    This is a beautiful legend about pearls—Pearls Returning Hepu


       Traditional has it that ,in the ancient times,Hepu just produced pearls but didn’t produce corn.All the villagers lived on fishing pearls in the sea.

     In Jin Dynasty,a huge and beautiful luminous pearl was bred in Hepu sea area ,its brilliance blessed and protects villagers out of sea disasters.


      When the emperor heard that ,he send an eunuch forced the villagers to fish luminous pearl in the sea .Haisheng ,an pearl fishing expert ,he was a chivalrous man .For helping his villagers ,he forgot the danger and dived into Red Rock Dust to get the luminous pearl.


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  6. March 01, 2019

    Beihai- The Hometown of South Pearl

      Beihai, a city with the sea on three sides. It has a silver-white beach and blue sky,as well as row of lush palm trees, having the strong tropical romantic feeling…


    Beihai, China
    Beihai, Silver Beach

    Speaking of beihai ,I have to mention about the pearls .It is the famous "hometown of South Pearl" .

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