South pearl is the queen of sea pearls in China, which is produced by pinctada martensil .We usually call it Hepu pearl, internationally is called "Akoya pearl". pinctada martensil originates from the south China sea. In the middle of last century, the Japanese came to China to cultivate pearls. After years of practice, they finally invented the nuclear insertion technology of seawater pearls. At that time, the wild mussel of Beihai Guangxi was introduced to Japan and bred. Therefore, the Japanese AKOYA pearl is the same variety as the Chinese South pearl. However, since Japan was earlier than China in terms of internationalization, this pearl is known as AKOYA PEARL abroad. South pearl is famous all over the world in the ancient time , while South sea pearl is known as "the queen of pearls”.


South Sea Pearl
Chinese South Pearl   

So what's the difference between these two kinds of famous pearls?

1).The sea area

South sea pearl origins in the south Pacific, belongs to the tropical areas of high temperature. While Chinese south pearl origins in the South China Sea, belongs to the subtropical areas .Thus the quality of pearl varies with the environment of the sea. Experts analyzed the main components of Chinese South pearl, they contain calcium carbonate, protein, water, and a variety of trace elements including iron, aluminum, zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, manganese and germanium and a variety of amino acids. As a result, South pearl has been widely used, especially in cosmetics, medicine and health care.

2). The production

The mother-of –pearl of Chinese South pearl is called pinctada martensil, it can generally produce one pearl. And the mother-of pearl of South sea pearl are white butterfly shellfish and golden lip shellfish. These two kinds of mother shellfish are extremely rare, so the cultivation of South sea pearl is much more difficult than other seawater pearl, so its production is less than that Chinese South pearl .

3). The size

The size of Chinese South pearl is generally 5-8mm, while the size of South sea pearl is generally 9-15mm. At present, it is recognized that South sea pearl is the largest of all round pearls.

4).The color

Chinese South pearl are pink and pure white commonly.The South sea pearls are pure white, silver and gold.The South sea pearl is round and large with beautiful and pure color.

5) The luster

The South sea pearl is larger in size with thicker nacre, so the luster of South sea pearl is more brighter than Chinese South pearl .

6).The price

The price of pearls depends on the variety of shape, color and size,and whether it is rare. Therefore, the price of South sea pearl is several times higher than Chinese South pearl.


However,each kind of pearls have their own charm, have their good and bad , I think we should according to our preferences and economic conditions to choose suitable pearls for us.