Beihai - the origin of seawater pearls,where will create countless surprises waiting for you. first of all, we Topearl Jewelry prepare to open pearl oyster by your own and experience the joy of live broadcasting. You maybe the next online celebrity! What a wonderful thing let you personally experience the opening oyster and take pearls out. You also can try making them into finished products by your own DIY !  Due to Beihai is rich in pearls, you can see the cultivation and nucleation of pearls, as well as the processing process of pearls. Besides, there are many beaches in the Beihai,you can enjoy surfing and yacht swimming or fishing here.Silver Beach is beautiful, you can also walk on the beach with friends or family. You can enjoy red wine with your lover on the beach, sit at sunrise and sunset, and enjoy the moon at Guantouling one only mountain in Beihai. Laughing at the sunset, smelling the flowers, tasting a bottle of good red wine, accompanying with lover. The moon shines on the sea, clear and bright.

Beihai food is the welfare of gourmet enthusiasts. Qiao harbor has all kinds of seafood, such as crab, shrimp and shells. If you find a good restaurant in Qiao harbor, you can order some seafood and also can buy and process it yourself. In a word, there are Vietnamese roll powder, barbecue , tong sui and fried ice, in short, you can eat yourself moved to cry!

Of course, if you stay, there have five star hotel such as Fuli Hua and Shangri-La . Fuli Hua's buffet covers all kinds of Beihai delicacies,especially the fresh seafood, and Shangri-La's coffee is mellow.There is also famous chinese hot pot which is highly recommended! Beihai also has a lot of unique homestay, you can go online to learn about the reservation first!

The surprise will continue to emerge along with your trip, you can also have the experience of wearing Tang Dynasty suit, Han Dynasty suit and South pearls jewlery. Akoya pearls jewelry is very atmospheric, showing temperament, pretty complexion.At the same time, saltwater pearls are good for health , due to body excretion of sweat, decomposition of trace elements in saltwater pearls from the skin surface to the body. It has the effect of health care regulation, skin moisturizing and facial nourishment. You alos can experience Chinese foot massage foot. After this trip, you may become China hand.

There are golf and horseback riding in Beihai. These two items are the price of civilians and the luxury of nobles. You can take your family or friends or customers on a wonderful trip. Pearl necklaces, earrings, pearl powder are the best choice for souvenirs.

Come on, Beihai welcomes you. Topearl Jewelry is looking forward to your experience trip. Come and sign up quickly.