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  1. February 27, 2019

    The History of Our Akoya Pearl Farm Base and The Introduction of Akoya Pearl Farming

    Hi,everybody ,now we want to introduce our pearl farm base that located in Beihai ,one of city in China.Today I will guide you learn more about pearl.

    Our cultured pearl farm is found in June 1966, the first time to start to produce cultured pearl because of the support of government and guide of the professor Xion’, and that time natural pearls are also less and valuable. So the first cultural pearls produced successfully. In 1970, the output of pearls was 81kg,the production value was more than 1 million,the highest output was 20 ton and the quality of pearl was excellent , that shows Akoya feature and good prospect. And the Akoya pearl farm was paid more attention by government and all sectors of society. Afterwards pearl research center also was established .

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  2. February 22, 2019

    Women Day Gift Guide- How To Style Pearl Jewelry

    In a flash, it's time for us to take good care of the women around us. It's a good choice to buy a set of jewelry for your mother or lover in the women day . They have paid a lot for us. We should also give them our best wishes. In addition, women in this day can choose a gift for themselves. After all, It's also very important for them to love themselves more.


    1.The hymn for Mother's love : This is a string of black and pink pearl necklaces. Black is like mother's stern side to us. Pink represents mother's loving side to us. Mother's love is great, mother can sacrifice and dedicate everything to her children. On this woman's day, we should choose pearl jewelry to thank mother for us. The Grateful people must be the one who can feel all kinds of beautiful things in the world. Love should be expressed. We are ready for you!  Mr Li said, "It's very hard for mother to raise their three brothers by herself." He wanted

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  3. February 14, 2019

    Attractive Design for Pearl Jewelry and Fashion Trends in 2019

    The beauty of pearl itself can not be ignored, but the right design has played a key role. A perfect pearl jewelry not only takes a lot of ingenuity, but also couldnot have too many traces of carving. Among them, the exquisite pearl ear studs perfectly explain its existing significance and value.


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  4. February 13, 2019

    How is The Legend and Historic Culture for Pearls

    In ancient Western legends, pearls are the tears of the sea. Ancestors believed that when a drop of dew fell into the sea, it happened to be caught by a huge shell, and a Pearl would be produced. Ancient Hebrews believed that pearls were used by God to decorate the Garden of Eden. The pearl in the Indian imagination is morning dew, which is used by gods to puzzle the world.


    In Rome, pearls are closely linked to Venus, the God of beauty. In the Renaissance period, the famous painter Botticelli put the goddess on a huge palm leaf in his painting The Birth of Venus, and who slowly emerged from the bottom of the water. The goddess shaken the water to form pearls, which were pure and flawless.


    In Denmark, Danes believe that pearls are the tears of mermaids that mermaids are missing princes and her tears in love too . Fritillaria shellfish guarded by her side treasure the tears. For a long time, tears form pearls.

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