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Accented Ring setting for diamond is one of the most important considerations when choosing an engagement ring. Not only does the setting of the diamond define the overall style of the ring, it can also affect how large or small the gem appears and even the security of the stone.
Today we bring you feel the most popular ring setting types, such as halo engagement ring settings, stackable Ring setting, ring settings for gemstones, solitaire engagement settings, Two-Stone Ring mounting and three-stone ring setting styles, believe you must get your favorite ring setting styles.

All hand-crafted and totally stunning, cushion engagement ring settings will take your breath away. This attractively designed wedding set features a gorgeous engagement ring with a glowing center stone set in a halo, plus a tasteful half-eternity wedding ring, this timeless 925 sterling silver Accented Ring set, will keep her happy for a lifetime!

The Most Popular Engagement Ring Setting Styles Collection:

As you can see, choosing the right setting for your ring depends on a lot of factors. The size of your gemstone,  its cut and the stylistic statement you aim to make will all determine which setting is the right option for you. Whatever your ring, it’s important you protect it from damage or loss with tailor-made jewelry insurance. if you can find your loved ring mounting styles, contact us freely, customized ring mountings are available and welcome!

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1. Opening Bypass Ring Setting for Pearl and Gemstones

This hand-crafted and absolutely stunning, bypass engagement ring set will take her breath away. This beautifully designed wedding set features a gorgeous engagement ring with a bright and stone set in a halo, and an elegant half-eternity wedding band, this timeless semi-channel 925 sterling silver set, will keep her happy for an eternity!

2. Chic Honeybee Design Adjustable Ring Settings

Sterling silver adjustable opening ring with flower design pearl seat base for DIY jewelry making by mounting 6-8 mm half drilled pearls, gemstone beads!

3. Shiny Mickey Head Design Sterling Silver Blank Ring Base for Pearl

Beautiful Cubic Zirconia engagement wedding ring setting features a gorgeous bands are the symbol of a love and bond everlasting and prosperous.  you owe it to you and your lover to give them something to strengthen that bond, this ring mounting is Perfect gift idea for Christmas, party, wedding, engagement, anniversaries, graduations.

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