The beauty of pearl itself can not be ignored, but the right design has played a key role. A perfect pearl jewelry not only takes a lot of ingenuity, but also couldnot have too many traces of carving. Among them, the exquisite pearl ear studs perfectly explain its existing significance and value.


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Pearls are not as brilliant as diamonds. Their luster is softer, reflecting the elegant and implicit temperament. Although the traditional round pearls have always been the mainstream, they are noble and restrained, and suitable for women who prefer to pursue traditional refinement and mature elegance. But the fashion world always likes to change personality, the shape of water droplets is soft and beautiful, and the teeth beads are publicized.


Recently, special-shaped pearls and semi-precious stones are very popular in hand ornaments, such as crystal, agate, chalcedony, which are very rich in color, so that they can quickly adapt to different occasions and clothing tones. Special-shaped beads have their own temperament, and various shapes and colors are more suitable for the personalized needs of different people in different occasions.


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 First of all, we want to introduce the recent trend of Pearl accessories, which have always been elegant pearls that can not satisfy the unique attire characteristics for street photographers. From gorgeous necklaces, personality earrings to bracelets, pearls have been interpreted with personality style.


Elegant pearl jewelry is in fashion

No.1 The Charming of Wild Pearl

Ms. Chanel's favorite pearls must be one of the brand's signboards, with metal Tassels and small pearls Pendant collocation, to inject new style into the brand's elegant charm.


 No.2 Elegant Visual Attraction

 The magnificent pearl necklace is different from the past. It brings out the visual elegance with different material splicing techniques, and matches with bright dresses and shirts to make up elegant personality charm.


 No.3Gorgeous and Handsome

 The tailored suit jacket matches the lotus leaf wavy skirt, chooses the two-color stitching shoe style and the string of pearl necklaces to echo the overall color system, showing the ingenious idea of matching.