Tin cup pearl necklace, this type of a necklace is relatively new, being born in 1990s from a movie named “Tin Cup” starring Renee Russo and Kevin Costner.  Throughout the movie, Renee Russo was wearing a pearl necklace the style of which gave a specific name to a certain variety of a necklace and inspiring a line of jewelry!  It became a trendsetter.

Technically speaking, a tin cup necklace (or a station necklace) is made of pearls or gems set at some intervals along a chain.  Since 1990s, this type of pearl jewelry has become one of the favorites.  It looks contemporary, on the one hand; it is dressier than a pearl pendant necklace and, of course, much more interesting than just a chain.

The tin cup pearl necklace worn by Renee Russo in the movie had a pretty simple design where small white round pearls were set at different lengths throughout a silver chain.  In those days, it was a fashion-forward look, and, today, we often see similar designs.  However, nowadays, jewelry designers craft original modern tin-cup necklaces using various materials.    Depending on the latter, we may get a feminine and delicate look with a floating effect created by using fine pearls and a dainty chain.  On the contrary, a tin-cup necklace may look bold and eye-catching when big baroque pearls are preferred set on a more massive chain.

Moreover, pearls should not be of the same size nor only similar looking pearls should be used.   We may choose different types of pearls or we mix and match cultured freshwater pearls having various shapes, colors, and sizes.  As well, the beauty of a tin cup necklace is that along with pearls, other materials might be used; gemstones or Swarovski maybe incorporated in the pattern resulting in a beautiful one-of-a kind piece of jewelry.

A tin cup pearl necklace is a wearable style.  A short necklace (16 inch or 18 inch) sliding around your neck always looks nice as every pearl choker necklace does.  On the other hand, a longer tin-cup necklace, e.g. having 36 inch, is a more interesting solution because you may wear it in different ways: not only as one long necklace but you may double it as well.   Thus, you may have, at least, two pieces of jewelry in one!  Fantastic contemporary jewelry for a modern woman with an active lifestyle.

In any event, if you are looking for unconventional and out-of-the-ordinary pearl jewelry, you might consider buying a tin cup pearl necklace.