Even without fancy luxury elements,only at home,just take a moment,and a little bit usage of creation and imagination.or you just feel like nothing to do that you just want to kill the time,why not just become a designer of costume jewelry.Maybe you will be the next talent jewelry designer,who knows?

The best part  is how you enjoy the time during the process,and the result you're going to get in the end,right?

Let's just get started!

To make this wonderful unique piece,the tools and supplies as follow

For the charms we need:

one Amethyst bead

one Tiger's eye bead

one red Agate bead

one blue Turquoise bead

one Imperial Jasper bead

one Lapis Lazuli bead

one Amber bead

one Life tree charm if needed

several Lava rock stone bead(depends on your size,here we use 17 )

total 8 kinds of different stones we use!

For the other supplies we need:

one elastic  strand with dark red or black color

one small flat nose scissors

one middle size needle or needle-like things

one container that can place beads

Ok!after all these things done,now we enter into next step,and it's very easy,just follow the steps bellow!

here we go!

Step 1

Measure the  length of bracelet that you want roughly,but be sure it's long enough(when it's

too long,  we can cut it off after we finish all steps)

step 2

Thread the needle and twist the elastic turn to two strands in order to make it strong.Be careful if you are not so sure about the length yet,make it slightly longer.

step 3

After measured and twisted part,you already on the half of your way,this step is very easy,look at the picture and compose all the stone beads together become a chain one by one.you can make them in the same order like the picture above,or depends on your own idea.

step 4

Congratulations!you're into the final step of our today's DIY jewllery.So excited,imagining you are the only person on the earth that owns this hand made ,the one and only piece.But don't foget to close your bracelet by tie the ends of the elastic 3 times ,both face and back!



 By this simple 4 steps,we can finally turn to the fashion part,are you already start to dress up and enjoy your jewelry in any occasion?Are you going to make one for your friend,your the one in love?Just do it yourself!