Welcome to come our live time , now we come to our topic, why do more people like to watch live on computer or mobile?Because live streaming has become a popular trend,now this is the age of artificial intelligence. So we should catch the pace of the times. Our company engaged in broadcasting live on opening akoya pearl oyster for years, and had rich experiences for this industry.We also encourage all of worldwide foreign friends to come here and experience opening oyster live.

Now we will guide some tips for you to broadcast opening akoya pearl oyster. When you learn that you will find it is also easy for broadcasting live.

We need prepare table ,light , background,mobile holder, high quality mobile, pearl jewelry , callipers and other gifts. Of course ,when we need open oyster ,we need more tools such like knife , water ,towel an so on.

There are many broadcasters complained that why they don't have traffic. We look at the live studio , As a fan, I will leave immediately. Normally, for a new fan to enter the live studio, it will only stay for 3 seconds at most, because when I enter your live studio, I don't know what you want to do,what else do I have in mind to see? 

So what do we need to learn , 10 tips as following for your reference:

First, The style of the anchor should be changed a little every day. It is more effective to change the pattern than to keep changing the live studio. Every day, there are new ideas. The fans are a person, not a machine. , they will be bored of seeing the same thing every day.so you should know what you want to broadcast every day before broadcasting live and find three or four topics before live broadcasting every day. live broadcast period must be fixed. Ten minutes before the start of the broadcast you should inform the fans and tell them what are you going to do today? How to play this live broadcast?

Second, the daily announcement is important, through live announcement keywords to obtain public traffic,what broadcast, what keywords you write.

Third accumulation of fans, you should learn to be a listener, fans come into the live studio, who is a leisure mood, what you have to do is to guide fans and control the atmosphere ,let old fans lead new fans make order. We need again emphasizes sense of participation for new fans .If it is target for you to absorb 50 fans, if you arenot done,please see the playback to find the reason.Traffic is really valuable for new anchors. You have to name every new fan and treat them like friends. You also learn to love your fans and answer their questions carefully.

Fourth, you should control your comment area, and need learn not to be cold field, comment area is very important, new fans come into the live broadcasting room,they first eye will see only three things: first, comment area content, second, praise quantity, third ,view quantity.

Fifth, fans watch live broadcasting is a leisure mentality and fragmentary time, choose the topic you are good at, learn to chat embarrassingly. This point repeats the above question, first from the hey then to consider the transformation you hey up, transformation is natural to remember that bad mentality download bar the best side to the fans see bad can rest and fight again!

Sixth, you also should have EQ and acting talent, because you should interactive communication with fans .

Seventh, you should find your own orientation, and then take the initiative to find the same style of major anchors, such as commodities, I am a little lower than your price, better service than you, live studio is a little more fun than you.If you donot know your opponents ,how you will win.

Eighth,Facing black fans, you just laugh or put on an angry look! Black fans has two main functions,one is to increase the stickiness of old fans to you, the other is to increase the interactive data .

Ninth, new anchor should not emphasize that he is the new anchor. I went into the live studio and found that you kept saying that you are the new anchor. I will go right away. Why? Not professional! What's more, you'll tell fans about your commodity advantages and your own advantages.

Tenth, you should be confident. It is extremely smart for you to wear a few tens of dollars of clothes out of the feeling of thousands of dollars.

According to the above, do you get ideas for broadcasting live? If all of you are interested in it ,please join us , we will guide you and let you learn how to broadcast live , so please do not hesitate to contact us .