Guys, In the modern internet time, What is So hot and Over Facebook Live, Family Party and Pearl Party? Do you have a guess? I've been thinking about this topic and post over in my mind for a few weeks now, so here it is.I'm posting today about this wish pearl article to tell the answer for everyone.

At first, why do people like opening oysters showing up in your Facebook feed?

1. A new twist has been the breakout Facebook timelines, with multi-hour live streams of people popping open oysters to reveal colorful pearls nestled inside. this occasion is exciting and interesting.
2. wish pearls are the greatest gifts for all occasions and they also wish to wait to come true. You can choose a different style to wish pearl and send them to your friends as gifts. They will love them and their wishes will come true.
Love Wish Pearl Necklace Kit-Harvest Your Own Pearl-Butterfly Pendant with Chain 17 Inch, Vacuum packed oysters with about 6-7mm pearl. Our DIY jewelry wish Pearl kit and love pearl kit make a great gift.

wish pearl gifts
Wish Pearl Cage locket pendant ; Vacuum packed oysters with about 6-7mm pearl. Our DIY jewelry wish Pearl kit and love pearl kit make a great gift.
3. Romantic husband maybe surprised their loved wives with a set of pearl earrings for our wedding anniversary. but the do not know where to purchase them from? a pearl party televised live on Facebook or wish pearl online store.
So Facebook Live Pearl Parties Are exciting and surprising Thing Now, And You Have To See It To Believe It, it is worth your join.

Wholesale Bulk Pearl oysters
Wholesale Bulk Pearl oysters
Everyone must know the fact that Both freshwater and saltwater pearls are “cultured,” or created by workers who insert a piece of oyster shell into a mollusk and incubate the debris for anywhere from 6 months to six years in order to produce a pearl that can then be marketed. Akoya pearls are made in Akoya shells in Japan and China while freshwater pearls are cultivated in lakes and ponds.
when you find and get a pearl you love and you want a suitable match for a pair of earrings or in hoping of finding a matching pearl rings setting. it is so happiness and meaning time for every customer
but, here’s the thing, ladies: pearls really aren’t all that expensive in Topearl stores. Although at a Facebook live party you will buy you a pretty sweet ass necklace, at the same time, you also get it in an online wish pearl jewelry store. Total bonus: you won’t have to sit through a long time of screeching and let Topearl help your dream of owning black pearl drop earrings will come true.

View these 925 silver Wish pearl pendants, love pearl cages, Different styles: Heart with CZ, Double dolphin, Key to your heart, Cross pendants. You can combine them with bulk oyster pearls in cans to fit with them together.