Pearls are some of the most exquisite gemstones in the world, they are one of the most beautiful jewelry in our lifes. People have been using them for decoration for ages. One of the most common accessories made from this material are pearl rings.

Pearl rings are elegant, beautiful and have a specific luster. There are many styles of pearl rings and some work even for casual occasions while others don’t. While the pearl ring is a classic jewelry piece which any woman should have, it also comes with its own fashion rules.
There are numerous different styles and mountings for pearl rings. However, to get a truly timeless piece of jewelry which will hold its value and never go out of style, you need to look at some of the more traditional, antique style pearl ring mountings.
Here, you will find out how to wear your pearl rings depending on their style. You will also get inspirational advice on how to accessorize them and match them to the occasion.

1.Shining Handmade 925 Silver DIY Pearl Ring Mounting

This ring fitting is made of 925 sterling silver,decorated with cubic zircons with very good quality.It is suitable for a 10.5-12.5mm pearl. The price list is just for 1 piece 925 sterling silver simple style adjustable pearl ring fitting but NOT including pearl.

2.Shining Multiple-pearl Handmade 925 Silver Pearl Ring Mounting

These rings differ from the cocktail ones because they are more subtle. Usually, with this style of pearl rings, you get a line of three or four pearls. You can also have a ring which alternates pearls with other gemstones. Because multiple-pearl rings are more subtle than cocktail rings, they are also more versatile. You can wear your favorite jewelry with them, but make sure to lay low on the gemstone side. Pearls don’t match all the gemstones so, if you want to play it safe, just wear simple jewelry.


Perhaps the most numerous group of pearl rings are the simple single pearl gold rings. These can still be stunning in their simplicity and craftsmanship without the need for extra ornaments and elaborate mountings. People who are looking to wear their antique pearl ring will often choose a simpler design for the sake of flexibility. The less complicated the design, the more applications and combinations you can find for it. 
When you are wearing this type of ring, match it with stud pearl earrings and a simple bracelet. Some women prefer to also have a pearl pendant, but we don’t usually recommend matching your jewelry to the tiniest detail.

 4. Moon and Star Design DIY Pearl Adjustable Ring Mountings 925 Silver

This lovely ring is slightly unusual in that the band, shoulders and gallery all form part of a single flow which encircles the beautiful Tahitian pearl at its crown.
Both elegant and demanding of attention, the ring is an exquisite example of how to set a Tahitian pearl in such a way that the entire piece is worthy of admiration.

5. Classic Luxury 18K Gold 11-12mm Golden Pearl Ring 

South Sea pearls are how we often think a pearl should look. The white color and deep luster with slight rose or silver undertones is the classic pearl of pictures and advertisements, and this amazing example takes all that to the highest level. Approximately 12mm in diameter, and almost perfectly round, the pearl itself barely needs any help in looking stylish and sexy!

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