At Topearl we specialize in chakra bracelets.  About seven years ago, we made our first chakra healing bracelet, which had the seven chakras, one genuine gemstone representing each chakra and the rest was genuine ebony to give it a strong look. Its now a common design and many people make it and sell it. Which in a way is great, and that means that we are the original chakrabracelet people, and that our chakra bracelet designs are awesome (our thread is thicker, wink wink and only use real gemstones).

The gemstones we use for each chakra:

  • Onyx, smoky quartz, and garnet for the Root chakra
  • Picasso jasper, Mookaite and carnelian for the Sacral chakra
  • Citrine, Yellow tigers eye, and sunstone for the Solar Plexus chakra
  • Aventurine, green agate, and prehnite for the Heart chakra
  • Blue agate and amazonite for the Throat chakra
  • Sodalite, lapis lazuli and amethyst for the Third Eye chakra
  • Amethyst and Quartz crystal for the Crown chakra. 

All of these gemstones have individual healing properties additional to their chakra healing properties which is what makes them so awesome.

We hope you find the chakra bracelet that you love in our super extensive collection of amazing chakra bracelets. 

So how do I know which chakra I need to work on? That is another blog post on its own, but understanding more about the chakraswill help you determine where you feel you may need some healing and focus. Check out our blog post about the chakras to learn more about the chakras, and identify the ones you need to focus on. 

It is wonderful communicating with you, sending light and love your way. 

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