Mother of Pearl vs Pearl

1. Mother of Pearl vs Pearl - Composition
Both mother of pearl and pearls are made from the same substance called nacre, a durable, strong and glittering material. Their difference is that mother of pearl refers specifically to the nacre-coated inner-shell of the mollusk; Pearls are formed inside the mollusk, often within its body tissue. When an irritant into the soft tissue, the creature then coats the irritant (or nucleus) with layer upon layer of nacre, which over time builds up a real pearl.

2. Mother of Pearl vs Pearl - Shape
Pearls are almost always spherical but can sometimes grow into unique strange shapes, such as coin pearls, biwa pearl, keshi pearls, baroque pearls.
Mother of pearl is a flat surface and doesn’t have a shape, following the shape of the shell. It can also be carved and shaped.

3. Mother of Pearl vs Pearl - Value
Pearls always hold greater value, especially before the advent of cultured pearls when natural pearls were rare and not accessible to the masses. Mother of pearl never hold the same value, because it’s easier to find than pearls. All mollusks have a mother of pearl shell, but not all mollusks have pearls.

4. Mother of Pearl vs Pearl – Jewelry
Pearls are primarily used in jewelry by setting it in sterling silver mountings or custom designs with k-gold findings. Pearls are typically drilled like beads and strung together into strands: multi strand pearl necklace, long strand pearl necklace, double strand pearl necklace, single strand pearl necklace.
Mother of pearl jewelry is different from pearl jewelry. Mother of pearl is often made into larger, statement pieces with unique designs. Also used outside of the jewelry industry, in home décor, crafts, musical instrument and architecture.


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