When it comes to quality pearls, like most gems, size does matter. A key factor in a pearl's value is its size, with the larger pearls generally being the more prized. The information below is meant to be a guide only. Many of our customers will combine multiple sizes of pearls and thumb their nose at tradition. Ultimately we suggest you let your budget and tastes be your guide.


 South Sea  




 Freshwater Pearls

 Akoya Pearls

 Tahitian Pearls

 South Sea Pearls

 Size Range  6-12 mm  4-10mm  8-16mm  9-15mm
 Low Quanlity  Below 7mm  Below 7mm Below 10mm  
Popular 7-9mm 7-8mm 10-12mm 10-12mm
 High Quanlity  10mm above  8mm above   13mm above   13mm above