What is Mother of Pearl

What is Mother of Pearl
Mother of pearl is the iridescent internal layer of a mollusk shell, also known as nacre, which is created by mollusks to protect their soft interior tissue. Mother of pearl is commonly produced from three types of mollusks—pearl oysters, freshwater mussels and abalone.

Mother of pearl typical colours are cream, beige, white. Like pearls, mother of pearl can also be dyed other colors. The iridescent mother of pearl color which is made from abalone shell is generally thought to be the most beautiful color. These are rainbows and vivid purples, blue and green are highly precious colours.

Mother of pearl is a flat surface and doesn’t have a shape, You could say it follows the shape of the shell. It can be cut into unique shapes to be used mostly as inlay, carved into cameos, or other jewerly accessories items.

Although mother of pearl is mainly used for jewelry(such as earrings, pendants, charms, necklace, rings), It is also used in ornamentation: Decorate watches, music key and other elements in musical instruments. Home designers often use mother of pearl for home decoration, in the form of mosaic tile designs. You'll also find mother of pearl featured on women's clothing as buttons, as well as on cufflinks for men.

Mother of Pearl Metaphysical and Healing Properties
Mother of pearl meaning is a stress relieving gemstone that has calming and soothing feeling. It is associated with faith, charity and innocence. Some say that mother of pearl offers soothing, motherly protection from negative energy and love. Due to this, mother of pearl is a recommended healing gemstone for children. Mother of pearl is also thought to promote intuition and imagination. It helps our emotions become more harmonious and balanced and enables you to more easily express feelings of love.

Caring For Mother of Pearl
Although mother of pearl is an affordable jewellery collection, proper care still needs to protect your jewelry. You must keep it away from direct sunlight, strong heat sources or very dry atmosphere. If the mother of pearl becomes dry, the surface will crack and the abrasion resistance will decrease. In addition, be sure to remove the pearls, when using cosmetics and perfumes.
To avoid the risk of discoloration and yellowing, you must properly care for your jewelry. Skin conditions sometimes produce acidic substances that are harmful to pearls. Make sure this is the last thing you put on when you dress. Keep the jewelry clean, because perfume, sunscreen, humidity and sweat all affect the appearance and longevity of the jewelry.

How to clean mother of pearl
1. Dip a soft cleaning cloth into olive oil or warm, soapy water.
2. Rub the cloth gently over the mother of pearl item.
3. Dry it carefully with a soft cloth.
4. Ensure the piece is dry before you wear it or storage.
The main ingredient of mother-of-pearl is calcium carbonate, so stay away from acid or it will disintegrate. Avoid soaking in water, as this will loosen the glue of holding inlays.

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