Dropship Jewelry Wholesale

We can drop ship jewelry products to your customers if you like, at no extra cost. This way you don't need to carry inventory. We 'll ship the items without any our informaton on the package. This works very well for auctions or your online stores. you may even use our images, descriptions or specs.

We mainly use DHL express. We find it reliable and it is not expensive because we can got the discount deliver prices. But we will use whatever method you prefer, please let us know if you want to use other delivery method. Our shopping cart will give you the standard postage charges. We package small shipments in bubble-pack envelopes. The items are also wrapped in bubble packing paper for extra protection.

When you place your order online,please complete your purchase with your customer's address as the shipping address. We will tell you when the package will ship. If you need, we even take the photos of the package & delivery sheet and send you by email.

If you're interested in a low-cost alternative to start a business selling jewelry, or If you have an existing retail store and want to offer more styles than you have in stock, this is a perfect choice! More information,please feel free to contact us.

What is Dropshipping?
Dropshipping is a method of transporting goods from a supplier to a third party under a second party's label or address so that it appears as though the product came from the second party and not the supplier. This enables the second party to conduct business without having to carry any inventory.

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